About Western Exteriors Magazine

Western Exteriors magazine was launched in 2015 to showcase building science innovation in Western Canada. The publication is printed twice per year and includes feature stories from each of Canada’s western provinces ― British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba ― as well as other articles that explore building science in Canada.

Each issue of Western Exteriors is direct-mailed to over 5,000 members of Canada’s building science industry. This readership includes industry stakeholders, architects, building firms, product manufacturers, researchers and educators, consultants and members of the government. We work very hard with our industry contacts and writers to ensure that the magazine covers the stories that these subscribers will find interesting and relevant.

Our magazine is divided into a number of key sections, including:

  1. One or more feature stories from each of the four western provinces: These stories highlight a commercial construction project that has recently completed, or is under, construction in each Western Canadian province. The articles focus on each project’s envelope and the building science involved in the design and build, and the articles also strive to share interesting details related to the project’s building science that would not typically be found in other articles.
  2. Departments: The magazine always includes a number of standard articles pertaining to the topics of innovation, research, architectural trends, safety, industry updates, and tool and technology spotlights.
  3. News: Each issue includes news and events that are specific to Western Canada. 

Western Exteriors was created to showcase all of the great building envelope projects being worked on west of Ontario. More than that, though, the magazine really strives to be a publication that professionals working in the industry will want to read, cover to cover, because it contains information that they find entertaining, interesting and useful in their everyday lives.