NORTHVILLE, Mich., Aug. 07, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The National Home Watch Association (NHWA) has endorsed HouseSetter’s home monitoring system as a valuable tool for helping their members keep an eye on clients’ homes.

This is the first time a home monitoring technology has been recommended by the NHWA, whose members watch over more than 20,000 homes and cottages in the United States and Canada.

HouseSetter is the simplest, lowest cost way to add 24/7 oversight to an unoccupied property. For as little as $5 a month, HouseSetter will monitor temperature, humidity level and power status. If anything is abnormal, HouseSetter will alert the homeowner or home watch professional via text or email, giving them the ability to sense and respond to small problems before they turn into big ones.

Best of all, HouseSetter is easy to use and inexpensive – it does not require an active internet service or Wi-Fi, complicated installation or a long-term contract. Unlike other home monitoring systems, HouseSetter is completely portable and easy to use: just plug it in. 

“We see HouseSetter as a valuable tool to give our members continuous oversight of their clients’ properties – even when they aren’t physically there,” said Jack Luber, executive director of NHWA.

“We’re proud to have HouseSetter’s groundbreaking home monitoring technology officially endorsed by the NHWA,” said Walt Dorfstatter, HouseSetter’s CEO. “As the unquestioned leader in the home watch industry, NHWA members set the gold standard for providing exceptional, professional care.”

About HouseSetter  
HouseSetter is a Michigan-based company established by several former founding members of OnStar. With their deep background in wireless networks and connectivity, they decided to create a simple, low-cost solution to help homeowners keep an eye on their homes when they are away. For the latest updates on HouseSetter, visit

About National Home Watch Association
The National Home Watch Association is a group of elite home watch services, from across the U.S. and Canada, that has agreed to operate their businesses according to a certain set of standards and guidelines. These standards and guidelines are meant to ensure that clients of accredited members are fully protected by the insurance and bonding provided by them. Accredited members also have agreed to uphold and abide by the NHWA code of ethics and mission statement. For more information, go to

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