KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa., Sept. 12, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Onvector LLC was awarded the prestigious China BlueTech Award for market readiness in Shanghai at Aquatech China 2017, the largest annual water technology conference in China and a major international exhibition for the industry.

Onvector, a non-chemical water treatment technology company in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, received the highest distinction from an international panel of judges, recognizing the U.S. cleantech company for the market readiness of its game-changing products.

“It’s an honor to see our company’s solutions-oriented approach endorsed internationally considering the state-of-the-art technologies we were competing against,” said Daniel Cho, Onvector CEO.

“Companies from around the world fiercely competed for the 2017 Market Readiness award,” said John Robinson, founder of Mandarin Environment and co-organizer of the awards. “The judges were really blown away by this year’s competition. Ultimately, it was Onvector that the judges regarded as the clear winner.”

The company has a growing portfolio of technologies that work together with existing methods to solve water treatment problems, reducing energy costs for industrial and commercial facilities. Onvector’s products use directed-energy to treat water and wastewater treatment non-chemically.  The company has a high-voltage plasma-based technology for wastewater disinfection and oxidation as well as a low-voltage radio-frequency technology for cooling water scale suppression.

Cho said, “We are focused squarely on the nexus of water and energy. These are two fundamental economic inputs affecting most industries. Our mission is to exploit historical efficiency gaps in the nexus to create major energy and water cost savings. Our business is to share those savings with our clients and partners. Increasing their bottom line drives our top line.”

Plasma Vortex™, sometimes described as ‘lightning in a bottle,’ is an advanced disinfection and oxidation process. Its 30-gallon per minute modular design treats industrial wastewater without moving parts, sprays or bubbles. This high-voltage plasma system delivers multiple species like UV, ozone, hydroxyl radicals, hydrogen peroxide, simultaneously.

Plasma Vortex serves manufacturing facilities for pharmaceuticals, chemicals, petrochemicals, oil and gas, and food and beverage, focusing strictly on their most contaminated and expensive-to-treat wastewater.

Ion Pinch™ is a low-voltage device for commercial and industrial cooling water, air-conditioning and refrigeration. Cooling water is a behind-the-scenes input for most manufacturing facilities and is also used for air-conditioning buildings over 10 stories tall. Evaporation of water is critical for efficient cooling but also concentrates the water, causing equipment to foul. About 10 percent of U.S. energy consumption is for cooling, and cooling is the largest use of water—greater than agriculture.

Ion Pinch suppresses scale electronically, reducing fouling and increasing chiller energy efficiency by more than 11%. Ion Pinch works with chemicals and, where available, filtration, not as their replacement. In addition to energy, cost savings are delivered to facilities managers through fresh water and water discharge reductions.

Onvector commercializes its products in the U.S. and Canada through direct sales, distributors and channel partners. The company also markets its equipment in China, Mexico, and the Middle East.

About Onvector: Onvector LLC provides leading-edge products at the nexus of energy and water. Our products are directed-energy systems for non-chemical water and wastewater treatment. Plasma Vortex generates plasma in water to knock down biological contaminants and organics for applications in manufacturing facilities for pharmaceuticals, chemicals, petrochem, oil and gas, fracking, and food and beverage. Ion Pinch is a 3rd-generation cooling water descaler for increasing efficiency of chillers and heat exchangers used in HVAC, data centers, air compressors, and industrial processes.

Joe Henderson – President, Onvector LLC