ROCKWOOD and VINELAND STATION, Ontario, June 30, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Graham Rennie of Rennie Estate Winery has purchased one of the first commercialized Appassimento chambers in North America. This method of drying grapes for the wine industry has been developed and delivered to market through a partnership between Ontario manufacturer MTX Postharvest and Vineland Research and Innovation Centre (Vineland).

“I am delighted to be the first winery to order MTX Postharvest’s commercial grape drying chamber, as my collaboration with Vineland helped develop this proprietary Appassimento methodology,” said Rennie. “The chamber will allow me to customize specific settings such as airflow speed, temperature and humidity to produce our ultra-premium Appassimento wines – Scarpata and “G” Assemblage. The ability to control these settings in an optimal fashion within a secure, airtight, portable chamber will ensure a perfect Appassimento result each harvest for years to come.”

The Appassimento process allows for enhanced development of flavours, concentration of sugars and contributes to more complex aromas in wines made from high quality grapes harvested in cool climate areas with shorter growing seasons. Rennie’s Appassimento-style wines have been recognized for years by the wine industry, winning several awards along the way. 

“We are excited to have one of Vineland’s original partners in the Appassimento research program buying one of our first production units,” said Ethan Strawbridge, Business Development/Engineering at MTX Postharvest. “Graham (Rennie Estates Winery) has had a great deal of success with his Appassimento offerings. We’re confident this new technology will give him even further control over his process.”

The 7.2-ton grape capacity Appassimento chamber is a modular, self-contained, controlled environment featuring a proprietary ventilation technology for slow uniform grape drying (80 to 120 days) and wireless controls for temperature, humidity and air flow. The system offers a payback of two years or less based on a premium price charged per bottle of final product. It allows winemakers flexibility in their product offering, from 100 per cent Appassimento-style wines to back-blended wines with other varieties to create consistent vintages year-after-year.

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