VANCOUVER, British Columbia, May 20, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Luxor Industrial Corporation (Pink Sheets:LXRRF) (TSX-V:LRL) is pleased to announce its patented IBS2000® engineered bridging has received recognition in a recent issue of This Old House Magazine.

For “Stiffening Bouncy Floors” the magazine states “These days, many new floors are framed with I-joists, a type of engineered lumber that’s a fraction of the weight of conventional lumber and capable of spanning greater distances. Still, if asked to span too great a distance, I-joists will bounce. As a rule, the same kinds of methods that take the bounce out of solid-lumber floors work for I-joists…many pros have praised Luxor’s IBS2000®, an interlocking bridge system sized to fit between the flanges of I-joists for quick added stiffness.”

Luxor’s IBS2000® structurally lock floor joists together forcing the floor to act as a system thereby adding strength and rigidity while virtually eliminating bounce and vibration. IBS2000® is used with both I-joists and lumber joists in new construction and is used to retrofit bouncy I-joist and lumber floors in existing construction. . Recently, a homeowner using IBS2000® to retrofit a floor, commented “Well, I’ve received and installed the entire system. The floor on the 17′ span side of my house is now stiffer than the floor on the 10′ span side…Not a squeak in it anywhere. I will post my satisfaction on youtube or wherever you think it would help you the most, and will highly recommend your product to anyone I meet who has a similar issue.”

The Company has received an order for 915 units of IBS2000® for use with I-joists in a custom home in Etobicoke, Ontario. Based on previous applications, the builder wishes to use IBS2000® throughout the home for spans ten feet and longer. The sale was to Rona Inc. the leading distributor and retailer in its market in Canada, operating a network of over 500 stores.

About Luxor Industrial Corporation

Luxor manufactures and markets its patented IBS 2000® and patent pending IBS3000™ engineered bridging. Both enable a floor to act as a system with unparalleled scale of gain in stiffness and rigidity. Luxor has spent years analyzing wood-frame floor construction, establishing itself as a leading authority in wood floor performance engineering.

Luxor also manufactures other building components, architectural wood products and matting products for the natural resource sector. It distributes laminated beams and offers various custom wood cutting services.

For further information contact Terry Lashman at (800) 665-2454 or (604) 684-7929 or John Taylor at (877) 496-4355 or (604) 864-9601 or visit Luxor’s website at

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