Integra 600

Integra 6000™

Alumicor’s Integra 6000™ integral rain screen window system is engineered to achieve unlimited configurations, while delivering high performance and innovation. Canadian winters demand windows with superior thermal performance and condensation resistance—both are delivered by this innovative system.

Benefits include:

  • The ability to choose various depths of frame (2 3/8” (60mm), 4” (100mm), 6” (150mm)), horizontal and vertical intermediates to create architectural detail;
  • Ideal for institutional market, as well as commercial and residential;
  • Available in fixed, awning, hopper, casement open-in and combination units, as well as large size capacities;
  • Accommodates 1” double glazed sealed units; and
  • Sloped sills for better drainage.


Technoform low-conductivity, polyamide pressure plate options improve thermal performance in curtain wall systems, which contribute to achieving commercial buildings’ energy-efficiency, wellness and sustainability goals.

This new pressure plate design was created for two-inch-wide systems. An option for 2.5-inch-wide systems is also available. The polyamide composition creates a highly effective thermal barrier that helps insulate 500 times better than aluminum. Curtain wall systems using the new pressure plate design have demonstrated performance increases of up to a 20 per cent gain in U-Factor and a 10 per cent gain in condensation resistance, when used with standard low-emissivity glass, air infill and an aluminum box-type spacer.


Early warning system – plan ahead instead of looking behind

Contractors often hold a post-mortem to see what went wrong on a project. How did they not understand the risks involved from a business perspective? Using 50-years of postmortems and best practices, CCS has developed a comprehensive system that will help reduce risk—it’s an early warning system.

This mobile platform, which is by construction professionals, and for construction professionals, has an easy to use interface that ensures you are asking the right questions in any technical situation. It allows this information to be shared instantaneously to a cloud-based platform so that all managers can now see what is happening, anytime, anywhere, across their projects. Accidents, and the heavy costs associated with them, are now a thing of the past.

Use foresight, instead of hindsight, on your next project.

AquaBarrier™ VP

Versatile. Mold-resistant. Primerless. Easy-toinstall. A self-adhering, primerless vapour permeable membrane, IKO AquaBarrier VP provides superior performance in wall assemblies requiring a vapour permeable, weather resistive air barrier.

AquaBarrier VP may be applied to most common substrates, and is designed for numerous applications including masonry cavity walls, metal cladding systems, siding applications, renovations and retrofits, curtain walls and parapets.

The lightweight design means easy installation, with no mechanical attachments or primer required for standard application. Coated with a proprietary acrylic adhesive on the back surface, it offers high-performance for common wall applications and has an easily removed polypropylene release film.